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The Sickly One

When I was born, I did not do well I was put in an incubator My life hung in the balance My health was an instigator I caught colds at the drop of a hat I was too sick to … Continue reading

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When you get a job interview the experts, they advise Don’t get there too early because it isn’t wise Why do interviewers prefer people who are barely in time Is it some bizarre prejudice which makes it seem sublime? Does … Continue reading

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In junior high girls had to take enforced home-ec classes Mainly because those who ran the schools were a bunch of silly asses The way they taught cooking and sewing was stuffy, clunky and awful If a student ever complained … Continue reading

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Not What I Meant

‘Twas back in the Seventies to my New York sister I wrote Because I was curious about life there I questioned her in a note I wanted to know if she ever saw stars Celebs who I really adored She … Continue reading

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I had to give up my bike because it took up too much space I can’t believe I’m still living in such a dinky place No longer sailing down the street with my hair flying back I can’t zip anywhere … Continue reading

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Thanks For Throwing My Bananas, Denise!

10-30-18 Back in those halcyon days when Rainbow was still open An occasional cashier was cranky or else she was mopin’ In any case, it doesn’t matter I was buying bananas and things The cashier rushed through my order All … Continue reading

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The Perfect Job That WAsn’t

10-29-18 After years of job-hunting made me feel like quite a slob A job-coach said to me, “I have “Found you the perfect job” Job-coaches sometimes speak in code So you must parse what they mean I was unaware of … Continue reading

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