The Hamel Farm

My parents owned a farm
There were no chickies or cowies
On these few acres of land
the crop was Christmas trees

The farm was in Hamel, near Loretto
It seemed quite far away
Back then, it was a long way to travel
It would be thought a short trip, today

On this farm, I could have had a horse,
a dog or two and a lot of kitties
But we couldn’t live there
for it was too far from the city

Late in the year, a truck would haul
to our backyard, trees bundled for yule
This bit of commerce was allowed then
It wasn’t flauting the rules

The farm to me was a missed opportunity
for a nice country Hamel life
Instead, I spent my formative years
hoping to escape urban strife.

About Mary Borchard

Fabulous art available.
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