When I was young, the greatest place
that I knew to eat was Farrells
It was an ice-cream parlor
Of sweet stuff, they had barrels

Mom made quite a sacrifice
She said that Farrells’ coffee was bad
Farrells was an ice-cream parlor!
Who would even want coffee? Egad!

Instead of Muzak, they had Dixieland
piped-in, naturally
I didn’t know what it was back then
Now it’s a part of my musical history

For entertainment, every now and then
Some diner would have a fete
Because of a big dish of ice-cream
with a silly name, he over-et

Farrells exists no longer
A victim of evolution, as it were
Coffee houses now provide
the sweetness that people prefer

A brilliant idea it was
to combine coffee and ice=cream
Throw in performed poetry and music
A modernized Farrells, from a dream.

About Mary Borchard

Fabulous art available.
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