Awkward Relations


My wayfaring global sister
thinks she has the world by the tail
Neither travel or degree broadens the mind
her twonky words fall like hail

When home again you come to us
Give me a proper greeting
“Your hair needs a good brushing,”
is not what you should be bleating

I should not have to say this
To warn you, it’s not too late
You shouldn’t greet me either, with
“You’d be happier if you lost some weight.”

That’s not a sisterly howdy-do
In case you didn’t know
If I only had the one sister
It’d be a tough row to hoe

In fact I’ve got another one
Crass words are no stranger to her
Comparing my acne to a relief map
is something I wouldn’t prefer

I could go on and on about
my awkward relations
But I think I’ll leave it here
to avoid further vexation.

About Mary Borchard

Fabulous art available.
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