Sears, Seriously

I went to Sears because I needed trimmer line. The last time I shopped at Sears, at least a couple of years ago, I approached the cashier-corral from the wrong side, and was told, “The line is there,” as one addresses farm animals. I waited in line (there were actually other customers there at the time) approximately 10 seconds, after which I could no longer stand it, and I deposited my intended purchase on the nearest rack and left.

This time, I really needed the trimmer line. I went to the cashier-corral where the cashiers were busily sorting mdse. (No other customers were there, or as far as I could determine, in the entire store.) I was given a slightly less odious rendition this time, viz, “The register there is open,” though a better way of putting it would be, “I can help you over here.”

I could remind myself to walk around from the other side, but I’m never going to remember that.

See you again in two or three years!brookdale-lots

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