The Lawn Follies

I called a lawn care company, the same one I used last year, for a mowing. I kept calling and I was told, they’ll be here tomorrow, they’ll be here the next day. Finally they came a week late and they were using edgers to cut the grass.

The yard has quirks that make it easier to use an edger than a mower, but it looks better when it’s cut with a mower, which is what they used last year.

Not only did they show up late and cut the grass badly, they added a 55.5% surcharge to my bill. They can’t say it was because the grass was too tall — if they had come when I first called, the grass would’ve been much shorter, duh.

They never responded to my call asking them to refund the overcharge. Give the money back, you bums!

I have been calling other companies to give estimates, but it’s rainy this year (it was droughty last year), and everyone is either charging too much, or hasn’t got back to me.

Finally the grass got so tall again, I had to cut it with my own edger. It looks like hell, but I didn’t have to pay another 55.5% surcharge.


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