Big Whoop, It’s a Bus on Tracks

Crikey, there certainly is a lot of hoopla over this new thing that goes to St.Paul. I can’t get excited about it, because I’m really really sick of mass transit (or MESS transit, as I call it).

I would prefer Personal Rapid Transit, and I am sure that most people don’t even know what that is, because the mass-transit purveyors are pushing all the right buttons.

Just imagine going to a Personal Rapid Transit stop, pressing a button on the sign, and voila, your pod car appears. (Actually, you would have to go to the pod-car station to get a pod-car right away, but since this is all a fantasy, that’s splitting hairs.)

I would pay double the Metro Transit fare to ride in a pod-car. Personal Rapid Transit is vastly more appealing to anti-social types like me. I suspect that it would also be popular with people who are sick of wondering, “God, is that bus ever going to get here?”

Of course, some naysayer will ask what happens when the pod-car system breaks down — well, the same thing that happens when the Metro Transit drivers go on strike. You remember that, of course. Crime dropped temporarily because the drug dealers couldn’t get to work, and the car-drivers talked about how wonderfully uncongested their commutes were.

It would have been nice if the public had been allowed to choose, and no, they wouldn’t have picked the mobile sardine cans.

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