God, I’m Sick of the Friggin’ Bus

It is an unfortunate time for the bus company, what with the increased fervor of road construction making the busses late(r). The road-workers are trying to get projects finished before the ground freezes, in nine or ten weeks.
In addition to the lateness problem, one bus-driver the other day was so entranced by her conversation that she didn’t notice when I yanked the cord to signal my intention to disembark. It would be breathtaking to reveal that the subject of the conversation was “achieving world peace” or “ending homelessness,” or some other pressing issue of the day, but no, it was all about the new Walmart in Brooklyn Center (which Walmart.com refers to as “Minneapolis”).
Though a certain subset of the local populace is all het up over this, it doesn’t make a lot of difference to me, particularly if Walmart fails to interview me, which so far, has been the case. I am still stuck with “mess” transit.
I could take up biking again if only my bike-shed doors weren’t jammed shut. And I ponder: if we had Personal Rapid Transit pod-cars, would it reduce the overwhelming number of kamikaze bicyclists?

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