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It Must Be a Really Dull Summer for Anyone Who Isn’t Looking for a Cancer Support Group

Since cancer is so popular these days, it should be quite easy to find a support group. But, no, the one that’s sort-of connected to the clinic meets in the evening and only once a month. I need something in … Continue reading

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I Wish This Was…

…Then I’d get a lot more responses and maybe some usable advice. I still haven’t found an artists-with-cancer group. Also, I still don’t have a job, still have sold no more art (except the teensy amount a few months ago), … Continue reading

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Your Stinky Fire Pit is Not as Cozy as You Think

Like most people who can’t afford to use air-conditioning, I rely on relatively-fresh air from the window to cool me down. Unfortunately, the optimum time for this is also when stinky fire-pit people pollute the environs. It would be really … Continue reading

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In Search of an “Artists-with-cancer” group

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I ridiculously assumed that my making-a-living problems were over. I would just join a group of artists-with-cancer, and I’d be able to sell my art with their help.  I can’t find any group like … Continue reading

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Nothing (much) new

Just editing my 1980s job hunting saga, which is now entitled Diary of a 1980s Non-Vivant. Cuz the 1980s had that effect on people. Enjoy! or not. (It’s back aways in the list of posts…)

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Entertainment Tonight & Ernie Borgnine

I expected ET to take an in-depth look at Ernie Borgnine’s career, offer a tribute to his decades on film, but no, it was all about “TomKat” breaking up. Blech! Who cares!

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Big Bad Wolf (painting)

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