Ode to Lovejoy

I think that I would like to see/ all of Lovejoy on dvd/ I’ve just seen the years five and six/ it’s not a satisfying fix/ – / So I think what would be best/ is vintage Lovejoy, that’s my quest/ To the library I will slog/ and rifle through the catalog/ – / Luminous eyes, what I adore/ and cocker-spaniel-hair galore/ Watch him get out of a muddle/ See Lovejoy the toffs befuddle/ – / Suffolk is nice, know what I mean?/ But what I like is his tight jeans/ The way he charms the pants off one/ Life with Lovejoy looks like fun/ – / So I’ll continue with my quest/ At Felsham I will make my nest/ I’ll eat my cake and have it too/ embroiled in a tinker’s stew.

About Mary Borchard

Fabulous art available.
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