It’s been raining sporadically, and of course, the grass is getting a little shaggy again. I cut it with a weed whacker, so it never looks very good. I don’t want to buy a mower because I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be here. I may not need to cut the grass at my next place. I could hire someone to cut it, though it would be 30 bucks a pop. Also, no lawn-cutting service has left a flyer for at least a couple of years. It’s a funny area; people who live elsewhere can’t find their way around here. If someone leaves a flyer, I’m fairly certain he could find the house again… The weeds and suckers and whatnot don’t need as much rain as the grass does, and so it’s turning into a freaky jungle in the flower beds. I have to go around in the morning and clip branches and pull weeds. Later on, with the sun beating down, it’s pretty unbearable. So I do the weeding and so on in the morning.

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