1966 Mom’s Notes — Pt. 3

June 3. Ice Cream Social. Talent Show, 6:30. Help with kind. kids show. June 8. Election Day. July 4. Went to Elks to Gordons. Helped sell hot dogs. Wilbert played at a street dance in the eve. The boys had a trail ride on the horses. July 10. Edna’s wedding. We got her a teflon fry pan & cover & turners. Nice reception. Clarences were there, too. July 18. Went out to Lake Sylvia. Stopped at Ellis Flygare’s Steak House but had no steaks. Hot day most of the day. July 25. Up to Ruth’s. Took 2 hrs. as [we had] poor tires. Minnie & Lilly came p.m. Sept. 13. Workshop Henry. Sept. 28. PTA Board Luncheon. [room] 160 Lounge. Indoor Picnic. 2 shows (not puppet). Oct. 12. PTA Open House. Oct 26. PTA Board [meeting] 7:30 p. Bring 20 [cup?] cakes or cookies. Nov. 9. PTA. Nov. 23. Board, 303 memberships. Cook for talk on Modern Math for Jan. PTA [meeting].

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1 Response to 1966 Mom’s Notes — Pt. 3

  1. mary says:

    This is probably the last of Mom’s notes/diaries I’m using. I wanted to provide a sample of the mundanity of 1960s Minneapolis life. So there’s plenty of material here.

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