1966 Mom’s Notes — Pt. 1

Jan. 21. Mothers Meeting Iler’s 8p. (Couldn’t make it, company.) Feb. 2. 10 a.m. meeting at Mrs.Nelson’s. Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Ribbon Salad. Make 2 Ribbon Salads, no green layer. Get centerpiece. Look for napkins. Look for Tablecloth. 2 tall red candles. Feb. 8. Went downtown, got centerpieces & napkins. Also red candles. Feb. 9. PTA Open House. Sears & Wards delivered. Feb. 12. Valentine party, at [room] 103. Feb. 15. teachers luncheon. Bring salad, cookies, candles, centerpieces, flowers, napkins. Kids’ lunches. Fix Art’s lunch. Iron clothes, find patches. Feb. 16. Circle [church group] – [at house of Pastor] Grimsrud. Find out when. Feb.22. Girls to pay for swim. lessons – $4.30 each plus $1 Pat’s G.S. insurance. Also permission slips. Feb. 23. [PTA] Board Meeting. 8p. Carnival. March 11. Style show at school 9:30. March 15. 7p. at school, both of us for advertising deal. March 17. Style show at St.Austin’s. Tickets $1.50. [People were sure fed well at meetings then, eh?]

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