1964 Mom’s Notes Pt. 2

April 28. Nelsons’ for heading Ice Cream social. Dad’s Nite in May. PTA Board meeting. Bring 2 dozen cupcakes. April 29. 6 p. Bookmobile. May 1. May Day – Lei Day. May 10. Mother’s Day. fly flag. May 16. Armed Forces Day. fly flag. May 21. Clarence b.day. May 26. Last PTA Board meeting. 7:30 – 8:00 Ice Cream (sell). June 3. Call Mrs.Winick for cake. Pat – bells. Send in membership totals to Mrs.Mentzer. May 30. Memorial Day. fly flag. June 1. June Bug Day. June 9. Carl b.day. June 11. Marge b.day. King Kamehameha Day. June 14. Flag Day. fly flag. June 21. Father’s Day. fly flag. July 4. Independence Day. fly flag. July 31. Beulah b.day. Aug. 1. Anne b.day. Aug. 2. Helen b.day. Aug 3. Grandpa b.day. Teach Bible School. Boys’ Day Camp. Aug. 12. Clara b.day. Aug. 13. My b.day. Aug. 19. Wed. Ann., 14. Aug. 20. Larry. Aug. 27. Betty b.day. Sept. 11. Pat – overnite after school. Sept. 12. Tree Farm Day.

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Fabulous art available.
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