1964 Mom’s Notes — Pt. 1

March 26. Pat – scout troup to Betty Crocker’s. March 27. Earthquake in Alaska. March 31. Washed clothes. Got 6 loads through. Ironed big basketful first. PTA Henry. April 1. Went to Target. $ll.45 groceries. April 2. Potted 4 more plants totaling 61. Washing clothes. April 3. Washed 5 loads. Pressed scout uniforms. April 4. Baked filled cookies. Got groceries. Went back & pd. for them! Recital 2 p.m., got there a bit late. Washed 4 loads clothes. Ironed. April 7. Shopped Shoppers’ City. 15.31 groceries. April 8. Baked cookies. Washed girls’ hair. Washed 4 loads eve. Bookmobile 6 p.m. April 9. Potted 6 more plants. April 10. School carnival. April 13. Rain all night and rain in the morning. Wild storm snow & rain all afternoon. Strong winds blew the awnings up & down. April 14. Went to Shoppers’ City and got 14.00 worth of groceries, also M.E. got a plastic turtle.

About Mary Borchard

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