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1963 Minnesotans in Hawaii — Pt. 2

We have a large apt. with 2 bedrooms, large livingroom & big lanai. Now for some shopping. Art met Philip Pang who drove us a long way to see many places of interest. Diamond Head after eating at Woolworth’s at … Continue reading

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1963 Minnesotans in Hawaii — Pt. 1

Sat. Jan. 19. Pack & weigh. Make sandwiches. Mon. Jan. 21.On the way in N. Dakota. Some snow. Baby & I slept in the slumber coach. Awfully cramped. Tues. Jan. 22. We were late getting into Seattle. Took cab to … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is drawing near/ But not for her, she isn’t here/ This is the second time she’s been/ Absent from the regimen/ – / No cards for her, no dinners, too/ No tributes from her motley crew/ I don’t … Continue reading

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Mom’s Nursing Notes

Wed. 6:50 – Reports on 2nd fl. Breakfast trays – fed one pt. [patient]. Gave tray [to patient] & started another one who could eat with difficulty. This pt. goes to school. 8:30 – made beds – Watched partial bath. 8:40 … Continue reading

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An Ode to Job-Hunting

I’m sick of looking for a job/ I’ve tried every searching fob/ The economy, now, they say/ has improved in every way/ – / There’s jobs-galore for those who seek/ even for those lacking technique/ I don’t know where those … Continue reading

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1962 Diary of a Minnesota Housewife — Pt. 32

Mon. June 11. Margie’s birthday. No party as Baby is ill with Bronchopneumonia in one lung. Got Marge a Ken doll. Later she got a 2 pc set of doll clothes. Then she got a 2 pc pedal pushers set … Continue reading

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My Relatives

My relatives do not relate/ I do not think that this is great/ We’ve nothing in common, you see/ It’s a twisted family tree/ – / I’m the only one of my kind/ I don’t think I will ever find/ … Continue reading

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