1962 Diary of a Minnesota Housewife — Pt. 28

Sat. Apr. 7. Girls to choir practice.Lloyd came & he & Art went to work. Girls walked to Lowry to music lessons & I drove to get them with Baby & boys. We had french toast for lunch. Set rolls after. Also chopped up more 3 evergreens that we used for rink shade. Sun. Apr. 8. Baby got her medicine & is down for her nap. Art is starting to gather tax information. Mon. April 9. Marge, Pat & Billy to school. David a little pale yet. Art to work downtown. Tues. Apr. 10. Oh such a busy day! Baby’s birthday. I got her heart-shaped cake baked but not frosted. Baked rolls, too. Made Marge a "Heidi" costume. The weskit [waistcoat] from my black cord [corduroy] maternity slax [slacks] & the red shirt from my cord smock. My lace apron & a shoelace complete it, with a Dutch cap with the yellow braids fastened on it. Made kids lunch. Grandpa came then, and I made hiom lunch, too. Art came home at 3; made him coffee & put finishing touches on weskit. Thurs. Apr. 12. It snowed 8" overnite,sloppy & wet.

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