1962 Diary of a Minnesota Housewife — Pt. 12

Sun. Feb. 11. About 28 degrees this morning. Girls off to church at 8:05 — also Daddy. Boys off at 9:30 for 9:45 Sunday School. Everyone home by 11a.m. I finished Margie’s Girl Scout bag and sewed buttons on Pat’s pajamas. Waffles for lunch. Baby down for nap. Girls playing in basement. Mon. Feb.12. A holiday from school — all making valentines. Art to work by 7:30. Gene came & plastered the tape seams again. Tues. Feb.13. Raining when kids came home from school at 11:30. By 12:30, it had changed to snow, and still snowing at 2p.m. when Billy, Baby & I went over to p.m. PTA meeting. Dr.Schutts invited me to sit in front, so Billy could see the experiments in things scientific. He was fascinated. Making paper loops, shooting little jets, spinning spools, and a little wood flying plane, all a part of science and teaching science to children. Girl Scouts had their Valentine party.

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