1962 Diary of a Minnesota Housewife — Pt. 7

Sun. Jan.28. We could sleep late, as kids are to stay in today. We all stayed home. Mon. Jan.29. Up early and off to Franklin Mfg. by 7:30. Kids off to school. Some under protest. Mrs.B called and invited Billy to Brian’s birthday party on Wed. Tues. Jan.30. Clear & cold. Everyone to school. Marge to G.S. after school. We went shopping at Robin Center for Brian’s gift, then to Country Club. Went to Mothers meeting for Margie’s troup at Westmarks. Mrs.W was co-hostess. The girls have to start working on their badges for 2nd class. They also have several outings planned. The Dads will take them to the rally at St.Austin’s, which includes the 3 schools, St.Austin’s,, Shingle Creek and Loring. They need plain white gloves so they can participate in  the color guard. There will be an all-city G.S. sing at Met. Stadium in May. Bowling in April, and an outing with their mothers. Moppet theater or Cinerama was suggested. They served good coffee, angel cake with strawberries & ice cream. I baked oatmeal cookies, also made club steak for supper. Mrs.Carlson came to supper.

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