1946 Diary of a Minnesota Farmer Pt. 2

Mon. April 5 – squeezed milk – dressed the horses. Hauled out 3 loads [manure] spreader. Fed [cows] 3 times – washed a dozen things. Mr.Strandberg bought 12 bu oats – 9.60 – Tues. April 16 – Hauled out 9 loads – big – Ernie came with gas at noon – after dinner G.Batzes came for oats. Showed them our Swiss [cattle]. Shimers came for hay – got 40 bales. The Watkins man and Vint & Nelson were also up yesterday. Sent letter to Anne – Sent pictures & negs in for new prints. Got my leather jacket today $14.98. April 17 – Hauled 3 loads today – harrowed the old house field. Took a lunch out – called on D.Berry. Milked at 8:15. Done at 9:45. A 14 hr. day.

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