The Time Aunt Ruth’s Cows Got Out

From a letter: “When I walked out this A.M., I found 5 cows & 3 calves were out of the pasture — about 8 posts off & the fence almost down — so I got the cows all back in & they ran a short way into the pasture. I decided I’d better try to prop those posts up so I could go home & get stuff to fix the fence — but they came running back, so I yelled at them & then the bull got mad — started to snort & beller, so I gently backed to the fence & over it. I had the wrecking bar & he didn’t come close enough, so I could wham him in the head with it — but the rest of the herd finally ran a ways off again, so he followed & I started to prop posts again & there was a 3-time repeat of them coming. The last time, the bull was leading them & he came within 5 ft. & put on quite a performance — but I swung the iron bar around & yelled, so the rest ran farther off & he followed, so I decided to follow the line fence home & try to get help. I was wet to the knees & ‘out of steam’ by the time I got home & called the neighbors. While I waited for them, I opened the corral gate & got the tractor going. So by the time the neighbors came, the cattle were starting to come home — as they heard the tractor & decided to see what was going on & so they all went into the corral & we got the bull in the barn. Finally had breakfast at 11:30…”

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