Mr.Bobgan’s Art Class

  Once Mr.Bobgan was going to show us a film anachronistically titled “Why Man Creates.” 
  Wiseacre: “What’s a Y-man?”  
   First girl: “(gasp!) There’s paint in my hair, I saw some fall out!”
  Second girl: “Maybe it’s dandruff.”
   First girl: “I’m sure, I’ve got yellow dandruff.”  
   On Joan Of Arcadia, there seemed to be a concentrated effort going on in art class — the teacher introducing the students to shading effects, and assigning the students to do self-portraits. But that was television. In real life, art class was like a free hour; each student was working on his own project. I guess I should have experimented more with different types of art, but I just drew most of the time. It would have been neat to have a students’ art show, but the idea was so outre’ that it never occurred to me to suggest it.

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