Green Cat


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Sharpie/colored pencil art

sharpiesThese are supposed to be birds, kind of. A stained glass-effect.

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White Trash Outpost (or, What Scavengers Will)

538414_336911376356956_748460513_aThis week, I was riled by a scavenger who tore into one of my garbage bags. The garbage was double-bagged and completely inside the bin with the lid closed.

The general rule for scavengers is to leave things as they are found, i.e., bags tied and lids closed.

There was a shiny candy bag, probably visible through the bag layers, which the scavenger must have mistaken for an aluminum can. The candy bag was left on the ground with other bits of jetsam. The scavenger was apparently so upset that he just left the garbage bin open.

Hey, idiot scavenger! If I had seen you screwing with my garbage, I would have chased you down the alley with a pitchfork! Undoubtedly, since you are quite willing to rip through garbage like a stray dog, some neighbor will catch you in the act and put an end to your uncouth ways. If you are going to continue to scavenge, for the love of God, be considerate! Do not leave bags untied and bins open. Do not rip into bags.

What I am really hoping is that the inverse treasure trove that this twit discovered has disgusted him so much that he has given up scavenging. Or, failing that, one of the neighbors sees him at “work” and chases after him with a pitchfork.

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Two pumpkin pics

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horse in colored pencil


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Bartok notes and horse sketches


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