Old drawing.Bassett

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The Stairs To The Attic And Why I Hate ‘Em

Long preface short: the roof leaks and I can’t afford to fix it. I had the roof tarped twice, but the current tarp is in danger of coming off.

I have an arrangement of buckets under the leaky area (sometimes the tarp shifts and rain does get through). It would be a lot easier to check the buckets after a storm if it wasn’t for the weird stairs.

My father, a carpenter, built the stairs. He stacked them on the basement stairs. The steps are made much taller than the usual, and there are fewer of them. They were built this way, because if the were made in the conventional way, there would be no headroom at the top of the stairs.

I don’t know if my father consulted an architect, who would have likely offered a couple of solutions: Raise the roof at the top of the stairs, or rebuild the basement stairs in the other direction, so that when the attic stairs are stacked on top, they would lead to the middle of the attic, where there is already enough headroom.

The steps are hard to climb because they are all too high. Maybe this wasn’t a problem when I was young, but now a trip or two up and down those steps sores me up for a few days. So I am not going to clamber up the stairs to check the buckets every time it rains.

There was an article in the Pi-Press about basement-less houses, which I thought was a great idea, to avoid climbing any steps at all, but then the article goes on to hypothesize that the home-owner could have an attic for storage in the garage. This would require either stairs or an elevator, or building the garage onto the side of a hill, so that the attic could be entered on a level path.blacktree

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Boy George from 1984

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Das Fremd-Theater

The two women are based on Leela of the Sevateem (Doctor Who), though only one is dressed like it. The guy was based on Roddy McDowall. This was drawn in the 1990s.

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This is a miniature painting on the back of a countertop sample!lizard1

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Sears, Seriously

I went to Sears because I needed trimmer line. The last time I shopped at Sears, at least a couple of years ago, I approached the cashier-corral from the wrong side, and was told, “The line is there,” as one addresses farm animals. I waited in line (there were actually other customers there at the time) approximately 10 seconds, after which I could no longer stand it, and I deposited my intended purchase on the nearest rack and left.

This time, I really needed the trimmer line. I went to the cashier-corral where the cashiers were busily sorting mdse. (No other customers were there, or as far as I could determine, in the entire store.) I was given a slightly less odious rendition this time, viz, “The register there is open,” though a better way of putting it would be, “I can help you over here.”

I could remind myself to walk around from the other side, but I’m never going to remember that.

See you again in two or three years!brookdale-lots

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The Kennar Molds

Decades ago, my brothers were given a kit, probably for Christmas, for making Tarzans, Cheetahs, Green Hornet rings, insects, skeletons, snakes, etc.

There were many molds, each a bit bigger than a bar of soap, and an oven to cook the molding compound.

Most of the creatures (and the molds and oven) are long gone, but I have several skeletons and one Cheetah.kennar-molds

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