Pencil drawing of Collie


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A Few Words About “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”

If I got rid of everything that didn’t inspire unfettered joy, I would be living in a bare cell. The vast majority of my possessions are hand-me-downs of one variety or another, in most cases, a make-do version rather than the exact thing I would buy if I could afford to.

I got rid of many not-quite-right clothes because I thought I’d get a job long before this and I’d be able to buy a new wardrobe, so I’m just gimping along on the clothes I have left, hoping I have money some day.

What I keep in drawers I usually just throw there (rather than folding them), as I don’t have anything that won’t stand a bit of jostling. My sock pairs are joined by being folded down at the top, and I don’t believe that it causes them distress. You could think of them as happily hibernating.

I found the idea of keeping books in a closet just too strange, as though they were shameful, or something –blecch!

There were a couple of peculiar omissions — in the US, when people want to get rid of things, they either have a garage sale, or they donate the unwanted items to a charity. Also, when people move, they often leave things behind.

Speaking of which, when I move (someday), most of my furniture won’t look right in the new place, so the hand-me-downs will become hand-me-backs.

I really prefer the piecemeal method of discarding things, rather than the whole-hop method. That’s okay, because I am not comfortable with having excessive joy.

Photo: my bedroom in the 1970s.



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Mountie uniform for a Ken doll

Mountie uniform I made for a Ken doll.

This is the jacket from the Mountie uniform which I made for a Ken doll, which I no longer have.

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on the lake


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Bullfighter postcard


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Batman card

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