flowers in Brooklyn Center


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1970s drawings


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cats I have known

Blackie on ladder by garage and Jonah on the patio.

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Lion’s head pillow made from upholstery fabric


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Webber Park Library, a review

I spent the last year or so photographing the new Webber Park Library as it was being constructed. I had high hopes for it, thinking that it might become my favorite hclib library. It has not.

After all that build-up of anticipation, not to mention chasing that unfortunate family away from their two properties (on which the library and it’s parking lot were built), I really expected more.

The library has a cramped feel, even though it was built from scratch. For comparison of what I like in libraries, see Bottineau (a small library) and Brookdale (a big one). There is a lot more elbow room at each of those libraries.

On the plus side Webber lacks the dreadful hard wooden chairs of the downtown library, as well as the uggo see-through elevator.Webs south

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colored pencil art

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I Still Can’t Upload a Photo

I am giving up on the new profile photo because Gravatar resists all of my efforts. The photo will upload to the Gravatar page but not to the place where the profile pic is supposed to be. I have NEVER had this much trouble uploading a profile photo. BLECCH!

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