writers’ block briefly 22

Word for the day: barmen, to moan or grumble. Translation found somewhere online; word found in Minnehaha, die Blume der Prairie (German), an old book.

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Colours Island

This was inspired by a Tintin story.

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This is a quilt painting of Hektor, an asteroid.

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art sample

cd covers 1.

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creatures, by me.

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A kitty pic

PR, about 1976.

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“Minnesota Nice? Like Ice” Responsorial

[SEE StarTribune article, 7-13-14]

I have blogged about this before, from the perspective of someone  who has always lived in Minnesota. My take is : if you didn’t keep the friends you had in grade school, you don’t know anyone.

There is this strange local attitude of “But I’ve already got all the friends I need!” which is quite tough for any type of outsider to break through, particularly for the disenfranchised demographic.

I don’t know how much it helps to offer suggestions to the offending party (that is, home-grown Minnesotans) to correct or adjust their behavior. Their situation isn’t broke, and they don’t have an incentive to fix it.

The only remedy is to get transplants to stay permanently in Minnesota so we can learn Their Ways: To become chums more readily, to be less clannish, less vague, more direct, more enthusiastic.

Rather like an adventure holiday for a Minnesotan.

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